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How to solve the problem with saving changes in Theme options panel!
  • This problem occurs when you use poor/cheap hosting. The problem is because server can`t write all the options from theme options panel because of large post array and some of these hostings are limited for that. To fix it, must be done few steps which can cheat this kind of hosting. If you have this problem you have 2 ways to fix it:

    1) You can send us private message with access to admin panel and ftp and we`ll fix it for you asap.

    2) You can do it yourself by following 2 steps.

    2.1) Please download muffin-options/theme-options.php file, make copy of this file also and then edit file in the following way:

    // Find line which looks like $sections['sidebars'] = array(

    //Then start php comment before this line using /* to make it looks like below line:

    /* $sections['sidebars'] = array(

    2.2) In next step please find code which looks like below:

    global $MFN_Options;
    $MFN_Options = new MFN_Options( $menu, $sections );

    //then please close php comment, like on example below before above code:

    */ global $MFN_Options;
    $MFN_Options = new MFN_Options( $menu, $sections )

    2.3) Then please upload already changed file on server.

    2.4) Then please go to Theme options panel section (this section will be totally messed up but don`t worry)

    2.5) Change first option and save all changes (the options should be saved)

    2.6) In next step, please upload copy of the original file which you made in 1 step muffin-options/theme-options.php

    2.7) After all these steps saving changes should work without any problems

    However if you don`t know how to do it, you need to send us access to admin panel and ftp and only then we can help you with that.
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  • Thank you !! It worked !! Stupid cheap hosting :) !!

  • Thanks for posting this. I didn't think my host Rochen was "cheap" but perhaps I need to rethink them?
  • I just purchased today and downloaded and installed this new theme and downloaded XML content and now I have same problem. However since my theme-options.php file does not have a line that reads 

    $sections['slider'] = array( 

    I can't fix this problem, there is not a line that looks like this in my theme-options.php file. I even search for ['slider'] and get no results.

    So I can't change colors. I can't even change skins to blue or green - it remains set to custom. Also, each time I hit save changes it takes me out of the section I was editing. Frustrating to have to navigate back to what I was trying to change. But it is even more frustrating to find that it doesn't change anything. I can change some items like boxed style etc. 

    Please provide instructions to fix this problem that work for me. All other themes I have used don't have a problem with settings for THEME OPTIONS.

  • I have the same problem as Toddfulks... How do we fix this?
  • We have solved the image upload issue, but not the theme modification issue. 

    Solution for Image Uploads (according to my NOT cheap host):

    Regarding the issue with uploading images: you are using the PHP handler
    suPHP. This handler requires that directories have their permissions set to
    755 and files set to 644 (please see the following link for more information
    about permissions:
    /uploads directory for Wordpress was set to 777, which under normal
    circumstances would mean that it's completely open; however with suPHP that
    actually breaks how it works. I have corrected the permissions for that folder
    and was able to successfully upload a picture via your Wordpress dashboard.

    That being fixed, we are still experiencing problems with modifying background colors and so forth. Here's a 30-second video of me attempting to make changes and a scroll of the theme files:

    This theme wasn't cheap, but looks like one of the best I've ever seen. I can't wait to brag about it once you get this issue fixed. I confirmed with the hosting company (LiquidWeb) and their team agrees that the problem is with the code, not with the hosting. See comments below:

    Though the developer is stating that it's cheap hosting that is causing the 
    issue it appears insteadthat it's poor coding on their part (they're asking that 
    a section of code be commented out and blaming it on the inability of the 
    server to process what the theme is asking).

    Unfortunately we do not support 3rd party software / themes for Wordpress so I
    would recommend that you contact them for further assistance (though I did
    attempt to locate / correct the issues they're mentioning in their post and
    the lines they want commented out do not exist in your theme-options.php,
    almost as though you're using a corrected version of the file already).

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • Back to your original problem with this theme of 'Problem saving various settings in theme options'. 

    I'd like to try the muffin fix as posted but can not...Your workaround instructions can not be followed as written because the code you want us to comment out in the first steps does not exist in your currently shipping file: muffin-options/theme-options.php

    This code is not in that file. 

    $sections['slider'] = array( 

  • Thanks for going back and fixing the instructions you posted in your first March 28th announcement.

    The instructions posted at the top will work. I can now save theme options.
  • Can you please help me with the save the changes? I'm having trouble changing the files as described. Please let me know where to send login info

  • It worked for me as well. Thanks!
  • Please sign in to see answear!
  • Can you please help? I've emailed you a private message with my hosting and login details and I am still waiting for a solutions. I need to complete the website urgently, sorry for the rush!
  • Please sign in to see answear!
  • hi,

    i have a problem with theme option caffeine. In fact, all options of them option don't appear, can you help me please? there is some solution to remedy to this problem as an example modify something on parameters on the serveur or other?

    thank you

    best regards
  • Changes to muffin-options/theme-options.php BROKE THEME.

    I followed your directions above up to Step 2.5) and the Theme Options page is "totally messed up," as you said it would be.

    Then I went to step 2.5) "Change first option and save all changes (the options should be saved)," but I have a problem. What did you mean by, "Change first option?" 

    Since I did not understand what you wanted me to do, I changed the first option setting that came up (I turned OFF the Responsive setting) and Saved, but nothing seems to have happened.

    I reversed it, but still nothing happened.

    I have not continued because I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    I saved a copy of theme-options.php to my mac, then edited the original theme-options.php in wordpress.

    What did I do wrong?
  • Thanks for the quick reply, but you didn't answer my question. On step 2.5, I don't know what you meant when you said "Change first option and save all changes (the options should be saved)." What did you mean by, "Change first option?" What exactly am I supposed to change?

    Based on my descriptions (above), if what I did was correct, should it have fixed the problem?

    Please let me know ASAP as I'm now behind schedule.
  • This isn't working. Nothing got fixed. The ThemeOptions panel is not functioning. I'm already behind schedule because of this and loosing money. Changing the hosting as recommended above is going to cost me more money. I want a refund for this theme.