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Pindol Sidebars: include WP core sidebars
  • Sidebars created by WP core admin do not show on Pindol options screen or within Pindol options on the Edit Post screen. 

    I find it a strange design or am I missing something? 

    Is there any chance it's one of those things the developer missed and you would be happy to change it for the next update of the Pindol theme?

    It is for WTG Portal Manager which generates pages, menu, sidebar, adds the menu to the sidebar and adds the sidebar to all the pages. Resulting in a type of portal within a larger site. I'm just considering what I need to do to make that work with Pindol. 

    I see a post meta key "mfn-post-sidebar" but that does not seem to allow a core sidebar made by WP itself to be used. The change to allow that would probably be done in sidebar.php right and I think simple enough. I've very tempted to begin customizing Pindol but I really don't want to. You guys seem to keep your themes well updated so it would create work later.
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  • I'm back! I continued work on WTG Portal Manager and once again hit the wall where Pindol does not use all WordPress registered sidebars. My plugin generates a sidebar, puts a widget in it with a menu and a bunch of other cool stuff that saves loads of time.

    But, your theme which I love and am building my online business with...

    uses mfn_opts_get( 'sidebars' ) and not $wp_registered_sidebars. 

    Surely it's in your best interest to use the WP core and make changes that would allow all sidebars to show in Pindol options?

    Please :)

    This font changed on it's own there after I got a permissions warning from your site and continue to type. Don't want you thinking I'm eccentric! lol

  • Your theme uses mfn_opts_get('sidebars') when registering the sidebars. So your sidebars are also in $wp_registered_sidebars.

    $wp_registered_sidebars is usable in theme, sidebar.php file, which I'm actually doing right now.

    I'm editing the theme right now as this forums notification came in, I have no choice but to customize it. I am replacing the use of mfn_opts_get('sidebars')  with  $wp_registered_sidebars in the sidebar.php files, just not tested it yet. A dump of $wp_registered_sidebars shows all sidebars available.

    When it comes to your admin forms on post and pages view. I will either need to prepare the data in $wp_registered_sidebars so that matches the same array stored in  mfn_opts_get('sidebars')  then merge them together OR vice-versa. Either way I'm going to have every sidebar in my blog displayed for selection per post/page and not just the ones Pindol has registered.
  • The only small complication I ran into is the post meta holds a numeric ID for a sidebar. It's just a case of determining the slug ID and then accessing $wp_registered_sidebars.

    But it works.