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How to solve the problem with saving changes in Muffin Options panel?
  • This problem occurs when you use poor/cheap hosting. The problem is because server can`t write all the options from theme options panel because of large post array and some of these hostings are limited for that. To fix it, must be done few steps which can cheat this kind of hosting. If you have this problem you have 2 ways to fix it:

    1) You can send us private message with access to admin panel and ftp and we`ll fix it for you asap.

    2) You can do it yourself by following 2 steps.

    2.1) Please download muffin-options/theme-options.php file, make copy of this file also and then edit file in the following way:

    // Find line which looks like $sections['sidebars'] = array(

    //Then start php comment before this line using /* to make it looks like below line:

    /* $sections['sidebars'] = array(

    2.2) In next step please find code which looks like below:

    global $MFN_Options;
    $MFN_Options = new MFN_Options( $menu, $sections );

    //then please close php comment, like on example below before above code:

    */ global $MFN_Options;
    $MFN_Options = new MFN_Options( $menu, $sections )

    2.3) Then please upload already changed file on server.

    2.4) Then please go to Theme options panel section (this section will be totally messed up but don`t worry)

    2.5) Change first option and save all changes (the options should be saved)

    2.6) In next step, please upload copy of the original file which you made in 1 step muffin-options/theme-options.php

    2.7) After all these steps saving changes should work without any problems

    However if you don`t know how to do it, you need to send us access to admin panel and ftp and only then we can help you with that.
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  • I believe I am having this problem, but I am not quite sure because the problem is described here with a bit of vagueness. When I make customized options in the appearance-> theme options-Rocco page (With the shortcodes) there is not actually a problem saving the information in the page, but the pages do not update with the customization I have set.

    If this is the problem that you are descirbing in this thread, I would like you to fix this problem for me, but I do not see an option on this site to contact you directly (I can only find these discussions). If you could please send me directions on how to send you a private message, I can give you access to my admin panel so that you could fix it. I tried to follow the directions, but stalled on step 2.3 because there were not explicit directions on how to upload the file to the server. I tried the same method I used to upload the zip file to install the theme, but this did not work becuase the new file I created was a .PHP and not a .ZIP file.

    Thanks for your help
    [email protected]
  • I have this problem, i follow your instructions and it worked so i could see normal again and made a change, saved and it looked right. But then i i could nok use the options again, they like froze.

    Nothing happens when i click any of the bars in options, like Layout, Colors, Fonts and so on.

    Can u helt please?
  • Would this be why I can't save the blog view to grid?