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How update to the new version of Rocco Theme?
  • Remember to always make backup of your files and database. 

    At first you need to download the new package from Themeforest. You can do it in your Themeforest user panel > Downloads. There is always the latest version.

    1. If you didn`t made any changes in theme files, you should to overwrite the old files on your FTP by the new one which you can find in unzipped download package.

    You can do it by using Total Commander or FileZilla. Or you can do it in your WordPress admin panel. To do it please go to Appearance > Themes, activate another theme, delete the Rocco theme, then upload the new version in the same way as you installed a new theme.

    2. If you changed theme files and you don`t want to lose them, the best way will be to use one of free available tools for compare files, ex. Beyond Compare
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  • 1-Is take a copy of files to my computer enough as backup?  
    2-how to use beyond compare to update theme  files ,I need steps please cuz I wont to update only theme without losing any data? 
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  • Hi, Can u pls tell me what do u mean by making changes in the “theme files" ? Sorry i m still learning and my friend who made this website is currently not available and i need to update the theme to the latest version.

    What can be lost from the above website by updating to the latest version? 

    1- Any html, content put inside the article box of columns of muffin builder will be lost too? 
    2- images uploaded ect ? same goes for the changes made in the fonts size and color etc in the appearance theme customisation of wordpress admin?

    for e.g the following was put in the appearance -rocco theme options- custom css , will this be lost?

    #Header .logo { float: none; }
    #Header #menu { float: left; margin: 0 0 10px; }
    #Header .one { text-align: center; }
    #Header #logo { height: 160px !important; }
    #Header #menu { margin-right: -50px !important; }

    4- if someone is using the seo by yoast , will those settings etc will be changed or lost?

    5- and changes made in the ‘editor’ to the footer which replaced ‘powered by wordpress’ will be lost?

  • Great Thanks, thats a relief . I also just realised that a child theme should have been made first. 

  • Hi,

    Is it not possible to update the theme automatically in WP dashboard, as you do with other themes? Is there also possible to put the marketplace API key to this theme, in WP??

    Having to download the zip and replace the old files manually seem unnecessary today, when you can edit in custom css, and not having to modify theme files..


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