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Footer Widgets Not in Line when viewed in IE or Chrome
  • Please note the "About us", "Latest Posts", "Facebook", and "Search" widgets in the footer area. When viewed with IE or Google Chrome, they line up differently, but only on the home page.

    Is this something I need to adjust? My three lower columns ( Accordion, Column, and Column) are all on auto height, so wouldn't think that was causing it. Can't understand why it is only on the home page, and not the others...

    Site is live as it is 80% done now! Clients liking it a lot BTW, which is good :)

    Thank you,

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  • Sure, like I said it is only the "Footer Area" widgets of the home page and only when viewed on Internet Explorer (IE). I have looked at it on both IE 9 and IE 10 and it still does this.

    With Chrome, Firefox, Opera all look fine. Small detail, but curious why it's doing this on the one browser, and only on the HOME/Welcome Page. See the screenshot for detail. You'll see the "About Us" widget is higher than the "Latest Posts", "Facebook", and "Search" widgets.

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  • I closed the tag, I believe, and checked everything else. I just do not understand why it only does it on IE, and only on the "Home Page", and none of the others. If I had an error that was causing this, wouldn't be throughout all the different pages and on all browsers?

    Probably not a huge deal, as I know many do not use IE, but I am looking for perfection here, and I cannot wrap my head around this one.

    I am going to try deleting the widget, and then put it back in again....

    I redid, and used the exact same format you have in your instructions, here is the code: <p>Godfrey Remodeling and Repair is your Sarasota and Venice area
    local home design, remodeling, and repair expert team. With over 40
    years of combined experience in giving clients the best looking home,
    you can count on Godfrey Remodeling and Repair.</p><p>Your
    questions, concerns, and comments about our services are important to
    us. We look forward to discussing your vision of your remodel or repair
    project with you. Our desire is to listen to your ideas and then develop
    a practical design to take it from dream to reality!</p>
    style="text-align: right; display: block"
    href="about-godfrey-remodeling-and-repair/" target="_blank">Read More
    About Us</a>

    I even tried it without " target="blank" in there, still looks the same, and still only on IE. I also noticed that the whole widget is 'clickable' on the home page, but none of the others...
  • OK, so I see where the problem was on my home page. Again, I apologize for my noobishness, lol, but first time I've had to use so much code and set tags myself. The issue was with the a tag not being closed in the list item info box above (as I think you were trying to tell me). Learned a lesson today, thanks for making me 'work for it' :)

    So, tell me, what do you all think of my use of the theme? My clients, and others I've showed it to like it a lot,so that is good!

    Thanks again for your help, and for an awesome theme.

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  • I had a problem in IE8 (only tested in there so far) with miss alignment of footer.

    Testimonial       |        text          |           text            |          rss just better plugin      |   

    The vertical alignment was getting screwed up and the code the plugins were creating was perfectly valid.
    I found 20px padding top right bottom and left, on line 281 of the themes layout.css

    .widget { clear: both; padding: 20px; background: url("../images/bg_sidebar.png"); }

    I added this to my custom style.css to remove top and bottom padding whilst maintaining the 20px left and right:

    .widget { clear: both; padding: 0px 20px 0px 20px; background: url("../images/bg_sidebar.png") !important; }

    Happy hunting x
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