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Phone number, how to make it active?
  • The phonenumber in my header can be used to call from when using a smartphone.

    However the phonenumber in the contactbox in the widget area, cannot be pressed/dialled from when using a smartphone.

    We have many clients for massage, who book when on the go, so they need to do that. As You can se here (if you use a smartphone, its only the number in the header thats active when pressed.

    The number in the widget area is shown in the buttom, which means that whenever clients have read a page and are at the buttom of the page, they are stuck with a number they cant press.  

    Is there a solution to this?

    Thank for great support.

    Br Rasmus

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  • Only the number in the header is active.  Not the one in the sidebar widget area, which is shown underneath the content when viewed on the phone.  I think  any number shown on the mobile browser should be active...especially because its viewed on a phone.

    I use iphone, and the browser is google chrome.

  • I see now that it works on safaribrowser but not google chrome.  Shuldnt it?

    Br Ras
  • Heres a screenshot. 

    Youll see the red circle around a phonenumber.  Its the widgetarea to the right.
    This number is not active when i use my chromebrowser on the iphone.  Only if i use safari.  But i should be active in any browser i think.

    The screenshot obviously is from my laptop.  When the page is shown on a smartphone or small tablet the phonenumber shown in the widgetarea to the right, will be shown in the buttom below the maincontent.  

    The phonenumber in the header is always shown in the top and works.  I just dont want people to have to go all the way back to the top in order to make a call when they could  do it from the phonenumber in the buttom:)

    Does it make sense now?

    Maybe another solution if you cant make it work in chromebrowser, is to have it in the footer, the same way as it is in the header.

    Thanks for your time.


  • Ok, found the place i think, but i really dont understand what i should change.  It works in safari browser but not in chrome.

    I understand if its not your responsibility to help with coding:)

    if( $telephone ){
    $output .= '<li class="phone">';
    $output .= '<i class="icon-phone"></i><p>'. $telephone .'</p>';
    $output .= '</li>';