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Side bar can't be turned off on full width templates and full width pages

    Now I have created some side bars they are on all pages.

    Most pages are created using full width selector and full width is the choice in the default choice in Tisson Settings.

    Even if I choose full width the side bar is there.
    NOW below most of the pages is the sidebar content

    Weeks back I had an error on each page that said this temple supports a side bar, BUT it was made as a full width page.

    I commented the error message out in the PHP file as a short term solution now I have this major problem.

    I can only think to make a blank side bar to solve the problem then point to this.

    There are about 45 pages affected in this WAY.

    Many thanks for you excellent help 
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  • Not sure why there would be HTML errors can u give me a hint.

    There is only some css in a few places that seems to be working

    not all pages are effected

    From what I can see full width pages have the side bar below the content but not all pages, go figure that??

    This is page called salon services

    tries the screen grab but your form says too many characters

  • Hello again,I have found this
     If I created a blank sidebar then choose left side bar save page. Refresh the page in the browser, then select full width page in selector, save page, blank sidebar no where to be seen.
    So I have a workaround to fix the pages but look to the future for a more permanent answer.

    Thanks for your great support. I have many sites to convert to WordPress so you will get some more sales from me.
    Thanks again
  • just a bit of news if i create a new blank  page even selecting full page width i get the sidebar issue.
    Thinking back a while ago I tried to set up a child theme and had a few issues so i swapped out the child theme and removed the folder. Since then is when the message said i need to add a side bar and selecting full width did not make that message go away so i commented the message out. The solution is Ok so I will keep building the pages. Thank you for all your good tips. Maxwell

    This is a just a page for you to look at and left it as a blank new page and selected full page width.
    The side bar is set even though the selector say full page.

    I have 50 pages and I find they are ok if I do not edit them but if I open a page in the editor  the sidbar will be set when I save the page. I am slowly doing the SEO so I am fixing each page with the blank sidebar at the moment at a temp solution  - Thanks so much
  • Have set up up a login in HOW DO i send it to you don't understand the PM method I need to use thanks
  • have sent you a wp login yesterday Maxwell