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Specify Image Diminsions Help
  • Hoping someone can help me with this. Don't know if it is the slider or how I am saving the images on GIMP, but for some reason, when I run a GTmetrix test, it is saying that none of my images have dimensions specified: "Specify image dimensions"

    Is this something I need to set up prior to uploading, that I have to change in the CSS or where?

    Any advice is appreciated!

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  • The problem is that images needs to be inserted with width and height so the browser doesnt have to download the file and later on, identify size of it.

    I understand the issue, but you should forget about it, because its really common with responsive sites: you are gonna have to use proportions as width, serve images bigger than how are finally shown and etc.

    I have solved this issue with a responsive site once, but with drupal and a function thats serves directly the final image to the user depending on the resolution he is browsing the site.

    If you indicate the image size as it is, responsive design is going to be broken

    Regarding the defer javascript issue, it isnt related to the theme mostly, its related to plugins that inserts javascript below head, instead of before closing body tag.

    If you want to solve this issue, you should modify plugins files, to see where the script is added and change it to body. Please take into account that this doesnt work with lot of scripts needed to render the initial load of the page, so my 2 cents would be to stay away from both concerns if you dont have enough skills to modifiy those files

    Hope that helped
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  • I think it has to do with the revolution slider; my other pages have 'good grades' for their images, and I set them all up using the same photo editor and media settings.

    Thanks for the reply, I'll see what Revolution has to say about this.

  • Using Google; I found this discussions on your Pindol theme; can you tell me what their solution was...if there was one for the slider?
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