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Logo & Home Page link to different pages
  • Hi all,

    I have a site at that is being built using the Tisson XML file but clicking on the logo & home page on the menu take me to different pages which confuses me.

    I'm unsure why this is or how to rectify it.

    Any specific info or directions would be much appreciated thanks.

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  • Thanks guys,

    I changed the home Link Relationship (XFN)

    Is that the correct one to change please?

    It has changed my start page after search to the correct one but what should I do with the logo please as it still has a link which is not needed now? Should I remove the link so it is just a logo & if so, how do I do that please?

    Thanks. Matt
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  • Hi again guys,

    Apologies but I simply cannot understand this situation. I have completely reset & reinstalled Tisson theme so my first job is to add a new page again. Surely this should be the HOME page but then that means that I have the same issue with the LOGO page & HOME page being different pages all over again.

    In every other site I've built using other themes, seen built & on nearly every website I've ever visited the LOGO & the HOME page in the top bar direct to the same page, the HOME page.

    When I type in my website name I am directed to the page that is linked to the LOGO but see nowhere in Tisson theme options or otherwise in WP to change that page in any way. Where do I change that page please?

    My end outcome is that when someone searches for my site I want them to come to a page that uses the same layout as your demo content page (this is easily achieved on any newly added page but not on the start up page that I can see). I see no way to achieve this unless I add a new HOME page & then that is not the page that is displayed when searched for & is once again different from the page opened when clicking on the LOGO.

    All help welcome, many thanks!
  • Just as a note to add.

    On your own demo page the LOGO & the HOME link go to the same page which is exactly what I want.

    How is that exact situation possible? I'd even take just having the LOGO as the main page so that I have what looks like your demo page if you hit the LOGO.

  • So if you go to & look now, I have added a 3 picture page labelled HOME.

    That is what I want to see when hitting the LOGO but instead it's completely different so how do I:

    1) Make them the same page when clicked on? or

    2) Make that page with those pictures load immediately upon going to the website & upon clicking the LOGO?

    Thanks again.

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  • That's correct. On there are no pictures apart from the logo. The reason for that is there is absolutely no way to edit that page at all other than the logo. How do I edit that page please?

    In the top right of there is a link entitled Home. This has 3 pictures I added using the Theme Builder & is how I want the actual Home page to look at

    As I've said in paragraph one here, I see no options at all anywhere in WP, Theme Builder or elsewhere to edit, where are they please?
  • Just to clarify again. The link entitled Home has 3 pictures on it & is the beginning of how I want the page to look, not the finished page.
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