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Bug using the slider in mobile modality

edited November 2017 in Revolution Slider


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  • imageThanks for answering. Sorry for my delay. Reduce the size of the page as mobile phone modality image. Have a look to the price size image. Hope to insert the image links here correctly. If not, I'll try again
    Thanks again
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  • edited November 2017
    hen I put the image right now by
    The bug is the price size:
    Thank you too
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  • Ok. How can i find the error when i'm in the Firefox html mode? I tried to deactivate two extra plugins but nothing happened. Then i have just other three plugins very used on websites. They were recently updated.
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  • edited December 2017
    I checked into the html code (Ctrl + U) and i didn't find any kind of error in red. Could it be a problem with server? Sometimes the website shows the error as the attached image 
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  •  I contacted my hosting provider. They wrote me the following things: the problem is caused by Muffin builder since after the first price does not assign the correct classes .pricing-box .plan-header .price sup.currency, pricing-box .plan-header .price pricing. Concact your theme developer

    II checked the page you linked above. No red error found. Basically i didn't add any extra html code e extra plugins aren't in conflict with the theme . Please let me know
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  • Ok i saw them. So how Can I remove errors? There are many in the image you sent. By the way I didn't  paste anything from third parts, i just filled the functions like infobox with the correct details. Could you be so kind to solve it for me?
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  • I did what you said. The same thing was done by my hosting provider. We had the same result. No extra html code and no plugin are the problem of the bugs. We deactivated plugins one by one and there isn't any extra html code. For us, the problem is linked to the theme. Could you try the same things you say above and solve the problem? We don't know what still to do  
  • The bugs are still present after plugin deactivation and extra html code check. Please, try yourselves to have the confirm on what we say
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  • Many thanks. I'll provide you everything clearly
  • I sent WP access and described the issue clearly by message. Please, let me know. Rgds
  • Thanks for helping. Now all is ok
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