Picures aren't in Full-width

edited August 2019 in Muffin Builder

I'm having an Issue with the Muffin Builder.

I have a section set up as Full-Width (Screenshot 1) and a Wrap with no padding/margin (Screenshot 2) which consists of 2 Pictures, set to "Strech" and no padding/magin. You'll find an example of the setup for one picure here: (Screenshot 3)

The whole setup is seen here: (Screenshot 4)

So it should be displayed without any borders. It looks good on mobile (max-width 767px) but on the desktop (min-width 768px) it displays some borders on the left and right side of the pictures. (Screenshot 5)

Also, there are no CSS classes or custom CSS involved here.
Do you have an idea how I could fix this?

Thanks for the reply, and best regards

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