Social Icons on BeTheme Header won't open in new page.


Built a new header in Header Builder but I can't make them open in a new window even though the 'target' is set correctly.

Please assist if you can. Thanks.


  • Hi,

    Please always attach a link to your website so we can check it out. If the page is offline(localhost), then our help will be limited. You will have to contact us when the page is online. Also, please make sure that the page is not under maintenance before you provide us with the link.


  • Here Phil...

    icons x 4 under logo. Still won't open in another window. Header built using Header Builder and target set to open a new window.

    All other targets work correctly.

  • I was able to reproduce this in my environment.

    Passed this issue to the dev team. It should be resolved in the next update.

    Best regards

  • Thank you!

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