Woocommerce store REALLY SLOW


I've been using your theme since 2015 and it's the first time i'm using it on a Woocommerce store...

and I must say that after migrating to your theme, the store is really SLOW.

I'm already using the performance options of the theme and using CACHÉ so cached pages goes well but unchached takes up to 4s just to render the fist objetct (TTFB around 4 and 5 s).

There are queries that takes more than 1s:

I've tested pages without products or images and the resut is the same... going really slow to start to show content (please try https://www.scoopnutrifition.es/aviso-legal/).

We've tried, to disallow ALL PLUGINS besides woocommerce and the result is not better.

Tested with default theme and goes FAST.

We've upgrade the hosting to the best possible option... no increase.

Some theme queries are slow:

Is there anything we can do to optimize it?

can you check if there's something wrong?


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