restyling with be theme

Hi, I need to make a restyling of my website. I would like to use Be theme.
I did a clone of the actual installation with database. How to proceed now to change the theme and use Be theme?
This is important because there is a blog with many articles and I don't want to rewrite them (the same for the url of the website).
The website was made with visual composer, but I would like to use Muffin with Be theme.

Can you help me please to understand how to proceed correctly?
Thank you very much.
Best regards


  • Hi,
    if you are planning to use the Muffin Builder and not use the VC then please know that data from visual composer will get lost. You cannot transfer data from VC to MB automatically. You will have to recreate the website.
    What would you like to know exactly?
  • noooooooooooo

    and if I use visual composer?
  • If you use visual composer then you can do whatever you want, but the question is what do you want to do?
    If you like to import a pre-built website then it is pointless since you will have to remove all muffin builder elements. You can only select to import the theme options so the colors, layouts etc.. You can do the same with the slider.
    This will not impact the content, but be sure to have a backup anyway.
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