sidebar and zoom

Hi, I need your help, please.
I have installed Woocommerce and I'm doing some tests. Please refer to this test page:

How to see a sidebar on the right for a better usability in shop, categories and product page (not in other pages)?
Why I don't see the zoom magnifier on the image? Yesterday it was ok.

Thank you very much 


  • Hi,
    the single shop items page inherit the sidebar from the main shop page, so please set the sidebar on the main shop page first.

    The newest version of woocommerce does not have the zoom image, it only enlarges the image when you hover over it.
  • Hi, thank for all, but I don't understand.

    I was going to > theme options > blog, portfolio & shop > shop > options > sidebar > I select Shop & categories 

    nothing has changed

    can you help me, please?
  • Like we said, edit the main shop page, like you would a normal wordpress page and set the sidebar in the page options (below wordpress editor)

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