Search results don't take care of shortcode content [Builder >> SEO]

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We used shordcode to put content in a page (info box and our team) but when we search the name of a member of the team, wordpress says "no results for your search".

How can we have these informations in search results ?

I can reproduce it in your demo website :
Search "victor" for exemple.



  • Hi,

    search doesn`t see content from Muffin Builder section, because content is decoded in database. And if you want to make content from Muffin Builder visible for search, you need to use "Builder >> SEO" option that is visible in default wordpress editor After that content from muffin builder will be copied into editor and this section will be visible only for search.

    Hope this will help you a lot!
  • Ok, so if i understand, i use "Builder >> SEO" and after i turn ON in options "Hide The Content".

    Thank you
  • I have a problem with Builder >> SEO : it will put on main content only the content of the info box. The content  of the boxes "Our team" doesn't appear.

    Any idea ?
  • Yes, you must turn on "Hide the content" button as well. But if something does not work, then please send us access to your dashboard on pm and we`ll have a look on it.
  • i haven't the last version of the theme : i'm under 3.5.
    Do you think it comes from that and was correct on 4.2 ?

    We thiink to update soon.

    I will recontact you at this moment.
  • Not sure if this is the real problem but could be of course. So please update to latest version first and maybe this will help you.
  • Hi,

    we have update the theme.

    In fact only the content of the bloc our team is put in the content of wordpress. We need the title and the subtitle.
  • This function copy only content from each field. It is not possible to copy title and subtitle. Those elements should be copied manually if you need them for search purposes. Sorry!
  • Titles and Subtitles are very important SEO elements.
    Are you planning to add them in the conversion too?
  • @timothyvass We added it with last update.
  • First off, I am VERY thankful for the Be|Theme. I have used many of them, but this is by far the best. I am a little concerned about the discussion that Muffin Builder may be preventing content from being crawlable either by internal search or Google search or both. And I'm not understanding what exactly the Builder >> SEO option does or how to use it. Is there detailed information somewhere on what this is, why it's there and how and when to use it? Thank you.
  • @dougklein We created this button especially for plugins like Yoast or wordpress default search function. Our Muffin Builder is encoded in database because this is the only way to keep content fully safe. That`s why some plugins or functions, like Yoast or search are using database to look for the content. But because content is decoded, those plugins/functions are not able to work properly with Muffin Builder. And that`s why we created Builder >> SEO option. When you click on it, whole content for current page is moved from Muffin Builder into wordpress default editor because content from this section is not decoded and can be search by tools. Of course if you will turn ON "Hide the content" button, then whole stuff from wordpress editor is visible only for plugins/tools like we described above and it is not visible for search bots or users.

    Hope this will be clear :)
  • Thank you for the explanation. So out of the box, then, the fact that the Muffin Builder encodes my content should not affect my SEO, right? It is all still visible to search bots.
  • Yes, it does not affect SEO at all. That`s why we created this option.
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    I'm a little confused, You should only use builder and not the muffin builder at all?

    If you use Builder and turn the hide content to on, Nothing displays on the page but Yoast does pick it up?

    Please elaborate..

    And when referring to Builder>> SEO option are you referring to this?

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    @scott74 Yes, this is what we mean and this works exactly as we described above. In this case, wp editor is only for seo or other plugins purposes and is not visible for anyone else except plugins.
  • ok so should you then use the drag and drop builder just for the SEO to be picked up and then copy all that content to the Muffin Builder so there is something on the page for the public to see?

    Think that is what you are saying right?

    In that case, really doen't matter how you display it in the Builder SEO.. just paste it in there with the h1 h2 tags etc.. don'r really have to worry about spacing or anything?

    Thanks again for clarifying..
  • You don't need to worry about anything. Just use Muffin Builder to create content and then just click "Builder >> SEO" button to copy all elements from muffin builder into wordpress editor. And also please turn ON "Hide the content" button. After that content from wp default editor wille be visible for yoast plugin only and inside this editor you don't need to worry about anything.
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    i got it :) I was getting confused with the Betheme Child page Builder mistaking it for Builder SEO but saw that button...

    So proper procedure is to
    • Select Hide Content
    • Edit Muffin Builder
    • Save Muffin Builder
    • Save Page
    • Click Builder >> SEO (to copy the new content)
    • Save Page again
    That's how i got to work in case anyone is still unclear and Yoast then updated!

  • Yes, this is exactly what should be done :)
  • Hi there,
    if I use this option all html tags like <p> and <h1>... get lost. ist this not bad in sense of SEO?
  • @sconey No, it is not bad because this is only for plugins purposes. Any bots don't see it at all.
  • Hi Guys - I love this theme, and have used it extensively for my clients, and have purchased multiple licences, and is my default theme for a new build.

    However I do have one client who is working with an SEO company that are claiming that the BE Theme does not work well with SEO, and that the way Muffin Builder works is hiding the website content from the Google crawlers - impacting their SEO performance and google rankings. Bing however it seems to do quite well on. The SEO company have quite a good reputation, and are not financially motivated, as they are working for free.

    If their pages are built using Muffin Builder - do they work out of the box for SEO? Is all the content crawlable, as well as all the tags (H2 etc)?

    After spending some time on these forums - the only reason that I should need to use the Builder>>SEO option is if I am using Yoast or All in One SEO, as this is what allows them to read the site content. However if I don't use that option - that only affects those plugins, and not the SEO performance of the site. Is this correct? Out of the box, this site is configured to work being optimised for SEO.

    My client is considering scrapping the current site, because of it's lack of performance SEO wise, and at the advice of their SEO consultant, and building a static html/css site, to improve their ranking. I am advising them against this option, as I don't want them to have to pay for something they probably don't need. They have used things like W3 Total Cache to improve performance etc.

    They have been trying to rank in a very competitive market for 2-3 months. I have explained that time is needed especially with Google, as they are competing in a space where their competitors have been building an online reputation for much longer. (Sydney Australia Tour Guide).

    Can you please clarify for me my above queries, so I can guide my client on their best options going forward. The site in question is - any help/advice from Muffin Group or other users is much appreciated.

  • @elliscreative Theme has been created in accordance to best SEO practices. We've been doing a lot of SEO in the past so we know how to create website that Google likes. And we really don't understand what problem they exactly have. If you will check our demo in Google, you will see that pages are indexing well.

    Builder >> SEO function is only for built-in Yoast purposes like "super tools that shows how many H tags you got on website and so on". We don't like this kind of tools because they create "fake website" especially for bots and those kind of websites usually get penalties. Websites should be for users, not for bots. But as we mentioned above, whole content even from Muffin Builder is visible for bots. You can create any page you want within Muffin Builder and then just check code. You will see that everything is visible properly.
  • Hi folks, 
    I have succesfully done the Builder>>SEO on all my pages but one. For some reason when I switch the 'Hide-the-content' button to On on our homepage - it doesn't save?
    It resets to off each time I press update - Is there anything I could be doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.
  • If button can't be saved, it means you must increase max_input_vars on server side because current settings are limited.
  • I'm running into the same issue that @Advancedmodular mentioned. Could you give a bit more direction and detail on how to increase max_input_vars? What file should I edit on the server side?By how much? Thanks!
  • Oh great, thank you for the link!
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