How do I design my homepage from scratch using Muffin Builder?

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So I've done the basic Layout and Header settings per this

Now I want to start building out the different components of my homepage:
- Add slider
- Add a bunch of icon boxes for my services
- Add testimonials 

And so on...

How do I use Muffin Builder to build out the HOMEpage, step by step, component by component? 

I get that I can build other pages using But how do I build out my homepage first?

Also, regarding the header:
#1  How do I get rid of the header image? I want just the header without any image in it.
#2  How do I get the menu to show in the same line as the logo, instead of below the image? I chose the "Classic" header layout in which the menu should be in the same line as the logo.



  • Hi,

    you probably should start from Muffin Builder tool. Just create page and use muffin builder tool which is under "Page options" section.

    #1 "Header | Minimalist" option in Theme options > Layout > Header section.

    #2 Please activate your website because at this moment we can't have a look on it.
  • #1 Fixed, thanks
    #2 Figured out what was wrong here - fixed it. Using the Transparent header now.

    Now on the homepage, so I'm starting from scratch:

    Step #1  I started with a Blank page
    Pages > Add New > Set the Template="Blank"

    Step #2 I set the layout and menu to the defaults
    Page Options > Set Custom Layout ="Theme Options" > Set Custom Menu = "Default"

    But after saving & publishing, no header or menu shows up. What do I need to do, to make them show?

    Also, I tried adding a slider I created in Revolution Slider. Opened Muffin Builder > Add Section > Add Item > but there's no Rev Slider option here. There are other sliders, but not this one. How do I add it using Muffin Builder?
  • Unfortunately it is not possible to show menu or footer on pages based on "Blank". This is the sense of "Blank" template and it shows only content created within builder/shortcode.
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    Ok, so what template should I be using or what should I do to get rid of this grey section at the bottom that says "Archives", "Comments", "Categories?

    It seems to be added by default when selecting the "Default Template". I just don't want it on any of my pages.  I just can't figure out how to get rid of it.

    Image - the section I want to remove

    Image - the template setting when creating the page, that causes this section to show up by default.

  • Those are widgets. For that please go to Appearance > Widgets section and remove widgets from footer section. More info about that you can also read on
  • Awesome, thanks. Got rid of them. Will check out the footer documentation.
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