Disable google fonts/maps/Analytics and etc

As everyone knows, panda doesn't like google, I mean we have no google services here, our government closed the door to google.
It will make a much longer loading time for website if any google products such as fonts/maps/analytics and etc used in the theme. 
What I want is

1. how to disable all google products in BE theme, maybe a short css code ? maybe inform me the files and I try to delete by myself.

2. Can I use <Custom css> to change all fonts to be "Microsoft YaHei"(a system font used in our country) ?

Tks in adv!


  • Hi,

    1. From Google, we use only google fonts. However, we do not have any option to disable them. To disable fonts, you must play with functions/theme-head.php file where we load them.

    2. If you know coding, then of course you can do this. But if you don't know coding, then we recommend to use custom fonts option under Theme options > Fonts > Custom section.

  • Hello,

    The first question is OK, now open the website is very fast.Thank you so much!!

    For the second, I do know nothing about the coding expect copy and delete. I guess some coding can be filled into Theme options > Custom css like:
    {font-family: Microsoft YaHei, Arial; !important;}

    so that all fonts canbe changed, am I right ?
  • No, this is not how it works. Fonts can not be changed with custom css only. So if you don't know anything about coding, you should use Custom Fonts section we mentioned above where you can upload own font files and then set them up for content. That's all we can suggest.
  • All right, seems that's the best solution.
    I'll try if  the website would cause some delay when uploading own font files, as the font files is 14Mb+ big, not as small as other words- -!
  • I'm on the lastest version of betheme, in which line of code in the function.php do you enqueue google fonts? I want to disable them too!
  • Hi,

    What you ask for, requires files customization what in reference to Item Support Policy is not allowed. So if you want to modify files and don't know how, you should contact with your web developer. Item Policy clearly says:
    Item support does not include services to modify or extend the item beyond the original features, style and functionality described on the item page. For customization services that will help you tailor the item to your specific requirements, we recommend contacting the author to see if they privately offer paid customisation services or checking out the great service providers on Envato Studio

  • I'm also trying to avoid Google Webfonts to be loaded during a website visit.

    Is it enough to upload my custom fonts via  Theme options > Fonts > Custom section
    and no Google Webfonts are loaded?

  • T-RANK
    You can go to theme options>fonts>family and from the dropdown choose system default fonts so the google fonts will not be included.
  • Hi, i use only standard fonts so there should not be any connection to google but i still have a connection with google. where can i finde the code i have to delete to delete this:

    I had a look at the hader.php but couldn't find it

    please help me i made a lot of Websites for my customer with your Theme and i really love it but i need a way to delete google webfonts because of the new data protection law in europe
  • Hey,
    from the link you provided, you can see that the id says "ls-google-font-css" this means that the fonts are loaded by the Layer Slider plugin. Please disable it or change the fonts in the plugin.
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