How do you suggest adding columns within columns in muffin builder

Hi, Basically should I just use Visual Composer or is there a neat way to have for example.

2/3 1/3
and then have the 1/3 have two elements stacked on top of each other such that the height of the two elements in 1/3 is the same as the height of the elements in the 2/3 and not have the second element in the 1/3 appear below everything else. In Visual Composer you can have rows/columns within rows/columns but doesnt seem to be the case in muffin builder 


  • Hi,

    if you ask if is possible to use columns inside columns, then inside Muffin Builder column items, you can use column shortcodes and maybe this way you will get what you need.
  • thx but using the column shortcodes and other shortcodes etc within sort of defeats the purpose of the builder approach as it gets unmanageable very quickly. I will just use Visual Composer then.  Cheers
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