Jetpack compatibility.

When use the Betheme with Jetpack plug-in there is a problem on both. Is there exist any solution for this.


  • What is the problem exactly? Please explain!
  • Betheme is active and running. And I'm setting up a Jetpack. No problems so far. 
    But gives error warning when I try to connect to WordPress with the jetpack. 
    I try again by changing the theme. And successful!
    I activate the theme again. Now I can not get in the theme options panel.
    I deactivate the plugin. Now working theme options panel. 

  • Jetpack plugin uses a lot of memory on server. And when you have activated plugin, whole ram is used by plugin and that's why you don't see options panel. In this case you should contact with server administrator because RAM should be definitely increased.
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    Hi there, having a problem with BeTheme and Jetpack too - There seems to be a conflict between Jetpack 'Tiled Galleries' and BeTheme - No settings for 'Tiles Galleries' or options are available while BeTheme is enabled, when enabling 2015 settings and options return.


    Sorry, I found the extra settings under BeTheme Options > Addons & Plugins that have solved this...
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