picture slide-in doesn't work


At this page https://www.dominikgloebl.de/biografie/ I have two pictures which are supposed to slide-in when scrolling down the page.
The first picture on the right side of the layout works fine, but the second picture on the left side doesn't slide in.

I already double checked all settings from the Muffin elements and wraps but I couldn't solve this problem.

Thanks for help.


  • Hi,
    The second image must have larger padding.
    I mean, increase padding of the first image on the bottom, for like 25px - 40px and padding of the second image on top for the same amount as the first image.

    This image is reached by the browser when it's loading, so you have to push it down a little to avoid it.
  • Perfect.
    Worked well!
    Thank you
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