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The shortcode "Map with address box" does not work

edited March 2019 in Shortcodes
Hi, I add shortcode from you site - "
[map lat="-33.8710" lng="151.2039" height="400" zoom="13" type="ROADMAP" controls="mapType" draggable="" icon="" title="" telephone="" email="" www="" latlng=""][/map]
But it does not work - write "for development" and not the full width of the screen, as in your example -

And after I added this shortcode, the latest site wrapp began to display incorrectly. This problem persists even after removing this shortcode.

No matter what wrapper I place at the end, it is displayed incorrectly. Moreover, if I do it the penultimate - is displayed correctly. But then the wrapper that is the last one at the moment is displayed incorrectly.

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