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how do I change the color of links and add the underline only in the body section? (no header - no widget area - no footer)



  • Hi,

    to change links in content section, please use below css:
    #Content a { text-decoration: underline !important; color: #000 !important; }
  • thanks for your support, but it's not what I want, maybe I have not explained well.

    check this site

    for the links of the paragraph of my site, I want the link on my page have the same characteristics as seen in the link READ MORE, the page that i have indicated .
    there is the underline dotted that turns red when you pass the mouse over it.
    ONLY in the paragraph.

  • Ok. Please then try below css:
    a { border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; color: #000; }
  • thanks for your support, 

    your solutions doesn't work. 

    i tried this code:
    p a { text-decoration:none; border-bottom:1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1); padding-bottom:1px; }

    works on the links in the paragraph as I want, but when you step over with the mouse, the link doesn't work as the site that i have indicated.

    have any idea?

  • Have you tried with important declarations? Just like on example below:
    a { border-bottom: 1px dotted #999 !important; color: #000 !important; }
    but please do it without p declaration. Just use a as we did above. We tested it on yours site (using firebug of course) and it works fine.
  • Hi, 
    I tried to make the changes you've proposed, but so change the links of the entire page. I want to change only those in a paragraph!

    check this page:

    see the links in the section of this page, with a thin blue line, when you hover the mouse over the link, the blue line becomes darker. I want the links on my site, only those in a paragraph (no header, no sidebar, no footer) are made this way.

  • Ohh, ok. But at this moment we do not have anything like that. We can give you css to make something similar but it won't be exactly the same. We'll think about your suggestion but at this moment you can use below css to get something similar:
    a { border-bottom: 1px #000 solid; }
    a:hover { border-bottom: 1px #E2E2E2 solid; }
  • Thanks for your support!
    the code that I have indicated, change the links only on paragraph, or even on the sidebar, the header and footer?

  • This code will affect all theme links

  • Thx for the support, 

    but your solution is not good for me: I want them to be only interested in the links in a content paragraph (NO SIDEBARS, NO HEADER, NO FOOTER).

  • Hi,

    Ok, so please use below code:
    .sections_group a { border-bottom: 1px #000 solid; }
    .sections_group a:hover { border-bottom: 1px #E2E2E2 solid; }
    It will affect only the content.

  • Thanks, 
    but the solution that you have proposed, is not working properly. Check my website, I have sent the password.

  • Hi,

    We've checked your website and added small fix for duplicated underlines on hover.

    On subpage Centro Studi links in content paragraph looks good now.
    But there are no links in paragraph on Contatti page

  • Thanks for your support,

    have you checked the formatting of text on a page when it is inserted a map?
    check CONTATTI page, or one of the sub pages ITINERARIO PASOLINIANO, where there is a map.

    I insert a map on a page, the text is not formatted correctly, I see
    all caretteri bold, in the paragraph are small compared to what I have
    set in the custom css.
    it's a bug?"


  • Hi,

    This is probably caused by the fact that google maps uses the same font. We've added small fit to your Custom CSS

  • Thanks Muffin!

    the problem is still present only on the top menu, in the header (check contatti page).

  • Please show us on screenshot what you mean because we don't know. Also please give us url to page where this happen.
  • Hi muffin, 

    menu in contact page

    menu in Blog Molteni page

    as you can see the font is thinner page Blog molteni compared to the contact page. I think depends on the Google map, you have solved the problem in the text in the paragraph.

  • Ok, but what are the url's to pages you showed above on screenshots?
  • Currently the site is under construction mode, to view the page CONTATTI,  you must log-in in admin area,  with username and password (that i have already sent in private message)


  • We do not keep any login details so if you ask us about something where we need access, you should always send private message with access.
  • I sent PM with access

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