multiple images in one lightbox preview

Hi, i'm looking for a way to have a portfolio thumbnail on the frontpage and when you click it, it opens up a gallery in lightbox.

So, multiple lightboximages (slideshow) from one project behind one thumbnail (Not opening a portfolo-item, just next and last buttons in lightbox like a normal lightbox slideshow ) rather then having to create a thumbnail for every image (and then have a slideshow from all those thumbnails). I've seen this many times on other sites , but I don't know if this is possible in this theme?



  • Hey,

    this is of course possible. There is option under Theme options > Getting started > Portfolio section there is option called "Portfolio Link" so you can change to popup instead of portfolio page.

  • Oops,

    I don't think you understood the question. What I want to achieve is multiple images on one single item portfolio page, so that the whole project (only the images of that project) will show in a lightbox slideshow if you click the thumbnail in the portfolio grid on the frontpage.

    So, is there a way to show any other images in the lightbox slideshow then the featured image of a single item portfolio page?

  • Ok, we get it know. Maybe you should use just simple gallery shortcode inside content of single portfolio items? We did something similar at one of our demos
  • I'm sorry. That's not what i'm looking for either. I want to achieve something like this.

    Click on the project Nysingh advocaten (the red project cirkel in the 2nd section) As you can see it opens in a lightbox, that has multiple images from one portfolio-item. The lightbox does'nt jump to the next portfolio item. Just multiple images from one project. Right now, if I click on a thumbnail in the portfolio grid on the frontpage, all the lightbox shows is a featured image.... and if you click next, the featured image of the next portfolio item. That's not what i'm looking for.


  • So something like this is unfortunately not possible with current theme version.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Aah. Too bad. Something to fix in the next version?

  • Probably not at this moment because we got tons of older requests that must be done first.
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