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Dear support
Thank you for this amazing theme. By far we are pretty sure we are the most who utilized its great features.
Though we are currently facing a problem with static css, it's not working at all . we are following exactly the steps you mentioned, copying style.php and style-color.php to style-static.css but the theme is crashing.
Please advise


  • Hi,

    what exactly happen? Any url or more details? We guarantee this works on 100% and if something crashes, means you did something wrong.
  • i did nothing wrong at all , the steps you provided are actually simple and clear "copy-past". though i didn't dare to use it online so i went for a local version. how can i send you my style.php and style-color.php and the style-static.css i generated?

  • never mind dear i figured it out, i was copying the the content of php files "stupid me" which was causing the error with all the php tags all over :D
  • Just as we thought :) Glad to hear you finally sorted this out.
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