Page won't allow me to add new content and update


I have your latest version of BeTheme
on WordPress 5.2.2.  I built a website and it was working fine. When I
needed to do an update to a certain page (
which had 24 artists on it (you will understand when you look at the
page), it not only did not allow me to change on of the artists, it
removed the one I was trying to edit and the 6 that followed. So I now
have 7 artists missing and it will not allow me to change it. It will
not allow me to add anything new. When I do and click on UPDATE, it
reverts to the page without the additions.

cloned the page and tried doing it to the clone; same thing. I then
created a whole NEW page, and started recreating it. However, when I got
to the original section I intended to edit, it will not allow me to go
any further ( It did keep the image, but removed the Visual Editor box.

I am at my wits end. Please help!



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