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Hi guys
Thank you again and again for this wonderful theme. the things we can do with it are really limitless.
Now after making best use of its features i noticed that in theme muffin options, you are using a custom flat UI.
to be more accurate the same UI found here, now my question is it possible to adopt this UI in the theme itself, and how i can do it, and do you provide such customization for a certain fee of course.


  • Hi,

    not sure if you know but to adopt this UI into Be, must be rebuilt whole theme what is of course not possible.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • yes i am already aware of this dear, just thought you might have a solution for it :D.
    another one last concern if i may:
    i already know that Google force us to to load its analytic code before the body tag, but this is somehow slowing the website specifically the home page, is there any way or plugin to eliminate this extra load caused by Google analytics.
  • This is unfortunately not possible. The only solution is not using google analytics :)
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