activ link color - sticky header and header menu

Hey guys!

I am having one/two minor problems with my activ link color appearence for my main manu as well with my sticky header menu.

Desktop "normal" header: Whenever I click on one of the main menu, that "activ" menu link changes color as planed - all good.
It doestn do so with the sub-menu and sub-sub-menu. Those stay the same colors even if I am on that page and they should have the "activ" highlighted color.

Desktop sticky header: As soon as I scroll down, the sticky header appears but the activ link color for that page/menu disappears completly. So the menu/pages keeps the basic color nomather which menu/page is activ.

Responsiv: On my Smartphone everything works just fine. Sub-menu activ link colors change as expected, all sound.

Hover: Hover colors work just fine!

here my website:

Best regards and thank you


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