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Hi Muffin Group,

Let me start by saying I love your Theme! Very well developed and managed!
I'm looking to add Accelerated Mobile to several sites I own using the Betheme. Are you and your developers planning to release a version of Betheme with AMP Support in the future? If not, is there a plugin currently on the market that you recommend for adding AMP pages?

Thanks in advance!
- Josh


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    Agreed! I second this. It would be very nice to see BeTheme supporting AMP natively as this seems to be a common thing among the top themes for Wordpress these days and the greatest Wordpress Theme needs to level the playing field once more. Bam!

    A popular plugin I've found is it's pretty much the official wordpress AMP plugin.

    However, if you're using W3TC for caching there is an extension you can add for free from within the plugin itself under the settings that adds AMP Support to your site. (Go to Performance > Extensions > "Add" AMP)

    I am not entirely sure that the W3TC plugin actually adds AMP support to the site itself, or if it adds support for W3TC Caching while using the official AMP plugin. 

    I may go with the last theory there as I've had the AMP plugin enabled on W3TC for a few weeks now and I just checked Search Console and it said that Google didn't find any AMP content on my site. So now I'm adding the AMP plugin simultaneously to see what evolves.
  • Hi,

    we do not have any plans to make BeTheme AMP because with all currently included features and options it won't be possible. Many of currently included features and options are incompatible with AMP and we can not remove nearly half of these features just to make site AMP ready. So if you would like to try AMP, the only solution is to try the plugins as @eyeconictv mentioned but we do not guarantee such plugins would work with all includes features and options.

  • Does BeTheme now support AMP? It mentions on several sites that BeTheme supports AMP, but I can find very little about it in the forums.
  • Sadly, AMP is still not supported by the BeTheme.
    For now, we are still working with including the Elementor plugin.
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