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Accordion Items Jumping around.

edited May 2020 in Muffin Builder
I have some items in an according. On Mobile when you click the accordion items the screen jumps around sometimes all the way to the footer instead of just opening the item and staying in visibility of that item at the top of the screen leaving the user not really knowing where they are at after clicking one of the accordion tabs.

How can I fix this. The only way it seems to work well if you start on the very bottom tab and work your way back to the top when opening them.

Appreciate your help on this. Thanks.

Video Demo here. You can see when clicked on "STEAKS" it went all the way to the footer and FROM THE GRILL jump the bottom of all the items inside that ttab.

Would also like to see if I can get this to scroll to top when clicking on the vertical tabs near the bottom on desktop?

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