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Menu / Slider

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Is there anyway to make the menu bar stay or give my slider space? It seems scrunched up by the menu. 



  • edited July 2014
    This is what my Mobile version looks like too when the menu is opened.

  • We think that you should update theme to the latest version where we did compatibility with LayerSlider. With latest version you can choose slider the same way as revolution slider in Page options section.
  • I did do the update and it is still happening. 
  • So please remove your custom css related with header styles because as we see on you got some of them and this could be the problem.
  • That did not help. My logo went smaller. 
  • You got this problem because of your custom css and we are sure about that! For example you gave height for top bar instead of min-height. Css should be as  below for header:
    .header-fixed #Top_bar { min-height: 100px !important; }
    @media only screen and (min-width: 767px) { .mfn-main-slider { margin-top: 100px; } }
    Next time we don not recommend to make any custom css changes if you don`t know how to use them. However in new theme version layer slider works properly because was included and is compatible with headers. We tested it and we are sure about it on 100%.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • That resolved the issue with the header on the desktop view but my mobile still does not look properly. It still shows as pictured. 
  • Maybe cache in your browser? Because we checked it already and all works fine (even on mobile version). So please clear your cache or do something else because everything works fine!
  • Okay, sorry. 
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