How to Refresh Equal-Height Script?

I'm adding a custom font resizer jQuery script to my BeTheme site. Is there a line of javascript/jQuery that I can include to "refresh" the equal-height DIVs on the page? So that the containing DIV heights are updated whenever the font is sized up or down. I'm using the Muffin Builder for the page layouts.

Thank you for your help.


  • Hi,

    Sorry, but our policy states that we do not support custom code so unfortunately, we cannot be of any help to you.

    But it is possible to do that. In that case you should contact your webdeveloper.


  • Not looking for support on this issue. Can you just at least point me in the right direction? What file(s) should be I be looking at?

  • Hello,

    You do not have to edit any file, you can create the jQuery script which will attach new height of the elements which are using that option.


  • Not going to edit the file. I'm looking for the jQuery function that assigns the height to equal-height DIVs. I should be able to re-load/re-execute that script. I just don't know the function name, where it's located, etc. Can you tell me what file contains the jQuery script?

  • Nevermind. Found it. It's function mfnEqualHeightWrap(). Close this discussion.

  • You do not have to check the source code, as I said just create the jQuery script and paste it into Theme Options -> Custom CSS & JS -> JS which will trigger the 'resize' event (when your event fire), then the calculation of equal heights will turn on once again.

    The equal height of wraps is always re-calculated while resizing, so 'resize' event will be a solution.


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