Trying to figure out how to change this info + Background

Currently using the prebuilt theme Video 3 - Trying to figure out how to change this contact us info at the bottom of my page. where can i find that? Thanks in advance.

In addition to that, on the same page there is a paralax background (Green blurred background) that i am trying to change as well, where can i find that?


  • Hello,

    1) To change this "Contact with us" section, please, go to Appearance -> Widgets, click on Footer | #2, and there you will be able to modify this text.

    2) To change/remove the parallax image, please, edit the page that contain it, click on the first section, and there you will find it.


  • Still trying to figure out the background. What did you click on to bring that box up. what steps did you take to get there?

  • First, you need to edit the page that has this background.

    After that, click on section option (pencil icon).

    And there, you will find the option to change the background.


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