e-shop and single product custom font size


I need to change the size on the price and title product in the shop page.

The title of product in the shop is too big and the price is too small.

Can you help me?

In my css I put the code for mobile size font.

Thank you!


  • Hello,

    The product titles are closed in <h4> tags. If you want to change its size, please, go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Fonts -> Size & Style.

    But to change the prize size, you will need to write a CSS code. I can help you with it, but I will need a link to your website.


  • Hi Phil! Thanks! It's work :)

    My url is https://wakusei.es/ but now is in construction, do you need the web in the air?


  • Yes, please, turn off the Under Construction, but you can turn it on again as soon as I help you.


  • Hi Phil,

    Ok, I can't put it now, but I think in 2 days I will. 

    Other thing, I changed the title product size but not category title.

    Can you help me?

  • Changing the category titles will require CSS as well. You can try the following one:

    .woocommerce .product-category .woocommerce-loop-category__title{
       font-size: 30px!important;

    If it does not work, I will check it when your website will be available.


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