appearance of the footer if there is only one product in the product category

Hi, one more question,

I only have one product in a shop category. Unfortunately, it don't look so good with the footer. Is there a solution for that?

thank you

, Eva


  • Hello,

    Please, go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Footer and from the style dropdown menu, select Stick to bottom if content is too short.


  • hmm. that is already set ...

  • I have checked your website, and it does not look like your screenshot.

    As you can see, everything is fine. I also rescaled this page to see how it behaves in different resolutions, and the display did not break.

    However, I have checked your website with Firefox HTML mode, and I noticed that you have a couple of HTML errors, which could be the source of this issue.

    Please, fix those errors, and check if this issue persists.


  • Hi, thank you so much! I think the problem was, when I resized the desktop window... now it looks good! :)

    oh thanks! I will check this! :)

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