Menu-items: search option and highlighted menu item

Dear reader,

For the desktop version I like to use the search bar option that shows in the menu. However, with this option selected in the theme options, there is no search icon showing in the mobile menu.

I'd like to add some css so that the search icon does appear in the mobile menu.

Also, I need to add a highlighted item to the menu, with a border and a separate background-color, that changes color on hover. Like a 'donate' button inside the menu. Could you provide me with the css to make this possible?

Site is (code ktgg)

Hoping to hear soon :)


  • Hello,

    1) Is the option for search icon not disabled in Theme Options -> Responsive -> Header? It should be checked on Side slide or both

    2) You can provide the CSS class for certain menu item in Appearance -> Menus

    Then, create your CSS code and paste it to the Theme Options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS


  • Oh yes, that worked for the search Icon in the mobile menu! Thanks.

    Can you tell me where I can change the background color for the search field that appears when you click on the icon on the mobile?

  • Hi,

    Changing the background color for the mobile search field requires custom CSS code:

    #Side_slide .search-wrapper{
       background-color: #213705;

    Please, put it in Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS.


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