Change position of search bar in menu

Dear Muffin,

I created a menu on the left. In the menu there is a search form, that automatically appears at the bottom of the menu. Can you give me some code to put it at the top of the menu?

Thanks! (code ktgg)


  • Hello,

    Sorry, it won't be possible, this type of menu is not prepared for this kind of layout.

    Even, if we would force to be on top, this menu would look like this:


  • Alright, thanks for looking into this.

    Another alternative, that you might be able to help me with:

    I now selected the Icon-only option for the website. If the Icon is clicked, the search bar appears. But it appears half on the menu and half on the page.

    Would you maybe have some code for me that positions the search field below the icon instead of next to it?

    Hope so :).

  • This search field type was not created for that kind of header, but please use this CSS code, it will help slightly

     left: 50%;
     bottom: -20%;


  • That definitely pushed the search field down a little, but I'd like it go be pushed more to the left (in alignment with the other menu items. Is that possible??

  • Hi,

    Please, add the !important property to the first line from the Pablo CSS.

    It should look like this:

        left: 50%!important;
        bottom: -20%;


  • Oh yes now it works, awesome :).

    On the search page, I customized the input field as follows:

    #searchform input{ height: 48px; font-family: 'Roboto'; font-size: 17px; color: dark-gray !important; }

    code ktgg

    could I also do the same for the input in search field in the menu? doesn't seem to work with my limited coding skills.

    Thank you!

  • Most of the attributes from your code are assigned to the search field in the menu. You only have misspelled color because it should be written without a dash, and you should add !important to the font-size value.

    #searchform input{ height: 48px; font-family: 'Roboto'; font-size: 17px!important; color: darkgray !important; }

    Best regards

  • Awesome, thank you!

    Can I also change the background color of the search field in the menu by any change?

  • To change the color in the menu only, use this code:

    #Top_bar #searchform input{
       background-color: #213705!important;


  • thanks so much!

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