Website 960px width

Can make betheme 1240 to 960px width?


  • Hey,

    at this moment we don`t have this possibility but we`ll think about it in future updates. But at this moment what you can try is paste below css into Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section:
    @media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {
        .section_wrapper, .container { width: 960px; }
        #Wrapper { width: 960px; }
    Probably some more things must be also modified, like less items in menu because for this width it won`t be possible to have such many items as currently.

    Hope this will help you a lot :)
  • Thank youare very match!
  • You're welcome @slavikfi :) We are not sure if this is good move but we decided to add 960px grid option into next update. We have no idea if still many users use this kind of grid for websites but we`ll add this option ;)
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