issues in RTL mode

Dear Phil,

i have send a ticket last week . but there is no reply ..... i again repeat it here ......

here i have found multiple issues for one of my customers website as they use rtl website. i hope all solved fast in next update cause these are most popular elements.

  1. please check this link in mobile view ; . in header when you click on search icon, a search field opens, but the text , cross and the search icon all are on the right side and overlapping each other.
  2. now check this page which i have created for you to see all elements which have problem in rtl mode ; . check this is desktop view
  3. in the first section which i use icon box basic . look how the icon is over the title and text.
  4. in the second and third section which i have used info box and contact box elements, look how the texts have gone under the icons
  5. in the forth section, i have used the our team element. everything is ok in the vertical and circle style , but not in the horizontal style. the text must be beside the image , but its under it.
  6. in the fifth section i have used faq element. the numbers, the + icon are both on the right side and also the text has moved and almost stick to the icons on the right.
  7. in the sixth section, i have used the list element. the icon must be on the right side but its not.


  • Hi,

    Sorry, I had prepared a message for you, but somehow it was not sent.

    I have passed this to the dev team, and we will take a closer look at it.

    For now please, go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Performance, change the CSS location to Header, and check if the problem persists.

    Best regards

  • Dear Phil,

    fortunately all problems solved by this change. but i use performance setting for my website speed. i believe as these are the theme built in features , they must work well. i hope your team solve this incompatibility in comming updates.



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