How to change license

Good morning, my website contains a licence of dubious origin, registered by the webmaster many years ago. 

Since theme updates were not possible, with ne new webmaster we decided to purchase a new licence but:

  • We are unable to deregister the new licence: By clicking on the 'Deregister theme' button, the page starts loading but returns to the initial situation where the old licence cannot be removed.
  • We are unable to display the new licence, despite having purchased it correctly and having registered correctly with Betheme.

what can we do?

thank you


  • Hi,

    The API tool shows only registered licenses, and if you enter a newly purchased license key there it will not work.

    Please send us WordPress dashboard access and your new license key privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at and I will register it on your website.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • Thank you, I have just sent two messages via the form you indicated with the login details on my site and another one with purchase code.

    Thanks again, I await news

  • The copy of Betheme installed on your website seems pirated, which is why the deregister is not working. I tried to use our special tool for deregistering, but it failed too.

    I suggest opening your website's FTP, eradicating the Betheme folder from your server, downloading a fresh copy of Betheme from ThemeForest, installing it on your WordPress, and registering it then.

    Best regards

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