Hello. I migrated my web site from to (password M0vwVsjKy#18u8dS) but all context within Be Theme Builder is lost as well as the icons (fafa etc).

Please advise.

Thank you.


  • Hi,

    Can you tell me how did you migrate your website?

    Did you use some plugin for that?

    Best regards

  • Well, since I messaged you I tried to fix it so right now is not what expected...

    I did it with the "classic way".

    Originally (no plugin) I got an archive of all WP files form Plesk Panel and exported the mysql database (export dump). Be theme still registered.

    I uploaded the zip file to the new fresh WP installation in Exported the zip file.

    Imported the database (import dump). Updated the urls in mysql, "PleskWP scan", refresh.

    And after that no context in the BeTheme builder...

    And I cannot see my WP admin panel in my original / staging server (in a different domain and server:

    Thank you

  • Please, try to migrate your website with the Duplicator plugin.

    We used this tool many times and never had problems with it.

    Best regards

  • It seems that I cannot make duplictor work in my test server (omnibase,gr) so I can proceed to migration.

    I have made (once again) the migration of the web site from (test server) to (new server, new domain) by using the usual method as I have made many many times begore with sites made with other Themes. Plesk files and sql backups. This is my sixth BeTheme license but the first time I need to migrate to a new domain.

    Is there any reason why it migrates everything OK except the context in Be Builder?

    What can I do to make it work without a plugin? You can check what I mean in This time I deregistered first before taking the back up files from Plesk.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  • Can you explain in more detail what you mean that you cannot make a duplicator work?

    With manual import, there is a high possibility that some parts will be missing.

    If the content only is not migrating and you do not have many pages, you can use the Import/Export option from the builder.

    Copy everything from the Export field on the old domain, open the new domain, and paste what you copied in the Import field.

    When you do this, the images will point to an old domain, so please use this plugin.

    It will help you change all of the URLs in the BeBuilder and Theme Options at once without having to switch each one manually.

    You can also use this tool when you are switching to SSL and will use HTTPS.


  • Hello again.

    I managed to use Duplicator and migrate to a staging domain and it worked (basically) fine. Excel few urls remained from the old installation

    I did it again in the live site but (except the same old urls witch is not a problem), all icons (fa-fa) are not showing. See attached.

    Please advise

    Thank you.

  • Ans also the WPML translations (string translations: widgets) are not shown. I have already registered the WPML plugin again!

  • Please ignore above "icons" issue. I resolved it.

    WMPL String translation though in footer widgets are still not working.

  • You have under construction enabled.

    Can you disable it for a while, please? I need to take a closer look at your website.

    Best regards

  • edited December 2022

    Sorry about that. Many things happened since I first messaged you.

    The problem with footer string translations (widgets) is that even they exist they do not show and I cannot edit them.

    As I cannot disable the Under Construction page until web site is ready, and due to difference in our time, here are WP credentials:

    Thank you.

  • Please do not share your login credentials here because others can see them.

    However, did you modify the Footer widgets area in your child theme?

    When I performed troubleshooting on your website and switched from a child theme to a parent, the widgets disappeared, and only the copyright was displayed.

    I assume that this problem might be related to your child theme.

    Best regards

  • No I did not modify the Footer widgets area in child theme. I do of course use the BeTheme Child Theme and used as always Appearance/Widgets to build the footer widgets and then WPML string translation to translate them.

    Also, for any reason, I did exactly the the same migration to and it works!!!

    And of course the original built site still works.

    Passwords for the last two if you want to see them M0vwVsjKy#18u8dS

    Best Regards

  • And I just switched from BeTheme child to BeTHeme parent and it is exactly the same. Widgets did not disappear...


    I found a work around solution.

    Please close this ticket.

    Thank you.

  • So everything is fine now?

    Is there anything else I can help you with?

    Best regards

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