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  • Thank you very much it works !

    I'm trying to make single product template by using elementor coz I can make it look like this only by using elemntor I do not figure out how to edit template by using betheme. All this i made because of Product data Tabs. (scr1 Bebuilder) (scr2 Elementor)



    So the problem is Some of the theme settings do not allow me to fully edit these tabs, and few more widgets on the same page, Is there any way to solve find a solution or disable Betheme and Bebuilder settings for exact page or template such as Single Product page ? I already ask Elementor support center they tell this:

    (From what I can see, the tabs added on your single product pages are from the Bebuilder.

    I would suggest removing it so completely in the Bebuilder so that the tabs won't appear on the Single Product pages, as this could be the reason why the Elementor one is not loaded.

    Unfortunately, since the Bebuilder is not our product we are not allowed to troulbeshoot anything in it nor are familiar on how to do that since it is out of our support scope. You can see here what kind of support we provide

    Let me know once you delete that widget, or even better if you can disable the Bebuilder on all Single product widgets if there will be a difference.)

    Could you give me a hand with this issue I face please ?

  • Sorry, but I quite do not understand what is not editable.

    I can see that your whole product page is made with Elementor.

    Can you explain greater how you want to edit these tabs?

    Best regards

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