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I know that you have a strict policy regarding third plugin - you do not support third party plugins.

However, I am keen to get your view. I upload the "paid membership Pro" the free version.

I try to restrict page for specific subscribers and to do so, I edit the page and click on the profile that can access the page. Unfortunately, everyone can access the page with or without account. I contacted "paid membership Pro" they asked me to check with a different template, I am afraid to break the site if i do it.

Maybe you worked with other membership plugin that are more productive with Betheme? any suggestion ? Builder Profile?




  • Hi,

    Please check the list of supported plugins here:

    I cannot recommend anything besides these.

    Anyway, temporarily switching to another theme will not cause any problems because all data are stored in the database, and when you turn Betheme back, you will get the same untouched view.

    Also, I highly recommend creating regular backups of your website with the Duplicator plugin, especially before actions you are unsure about.

    FYI If I am seeing it properly, the plugin you currently use hides only content made with the WP editor and does not affect the BeBuilder.

    Best regards

  • Thank you,

    You are right, I just realized it now, when I add content on WP (editor), the plugin does the job. The content is hidden perfectly.

    But not with Betheme. So I am not sure how I will do that, because, I do love using Be Builder as it is very intuitive to build page and content.

    If you have any recommendations, let me know ;-)



  • At the moment, I do not have any ideas, but if I come up with any solution, I will let you know.

    Best regards

  • in the 25 years I've been building websites I absolutely did not expect to come a cross a theme that did not support a membership plugin. That's absolutly crazy

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