Troubleshooting crawlable links and unwanted heading tags

Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out how to make these links crawlable. I tried to add "#" as I did with other links, but I believe this may be an issue with the "faqs element" on BeTheme. Perhaps it's a task for the developer team.

Another issue is that I want to get rid of unwanted heading tags (h-tags). I have no idea why they were created in the first place. It's not good for SEO, and it can cause confusion for Google's bots when crawling the website, especially when it encounters a website that starts with an h4. Could you please guide me on how to fix these issues? Thanks!


  • Hello,

    1) There is no need for these links to be crawlable. These buttons are links only for accessibility, and they should be even not crawlable.

    2) Can you attach a link to this tool you used for checking the headings, please?


  • Hello.

    1. Exactly, I agree with you. How can we remove it so that Google doesn't ask for crawlability?
    2. Ahrefs toolbar ( and Detailed extension (
  • 1) You can edit theme files for that.

    2) We will correct that in upcoming updates.

    Best regards

  • Seems like you're not going to guide me on the issue here, just as usual, blaming it on plugins, caching, etc. Now you're telling me to edit the theme files. You do admit it's a theme thing and nothing I've done, similar to what's seen here:

    The question here is, if I have this issue, probably other users have it too. Why not just fix the whole thing and prevent Google from crawling those things, instead of telling people who are PAYING for your theme to figure it out themselves?

  • We are not blaming anything/anyone. Only from our experience do we know that, in many cases, the problem is related to some unsupported plugin, or cache that was not purged. It is a standard troubleshooting procedure.

    These links are for accessibility. If we remove them now, people with disabilities will not be able to open accordions. In some situations, like this one, we must make compromises.

    If your website requires some special customization, we can only recommend modifying the files to fulfill your needs.

    I hope that you understand.

    If you have any additional questions, please let me know, and I will gladly answer you.

    Best regards

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