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On Friday our home page only showed the Revolution Slider for the page and nothing else.

I tried restoring our site to the previous day (knowing it was working fine as i was working on the site) but the same thing happened.

I reached out to Site Ground (ISP host) and they told me to delete all files/folders from our public_html folder and then restore to the previous day, which worked.

Today, the issue is back again and only the Revolution Slider is showing for the home page.

I tried disabling all plugins (which you usually ask me to do) and it still doesn't show.

I spent hours working on a page yesterday that i'm going to lose if i restore again.

Please advise what you think the issue may be related to.




  • I forgot to add the page https://englishcocker.org

  • I also went in to look at the page using the edit page function, and there are NO elements there.

  • Hey,

    Please send us the WordPress dashboard and FTP access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at http://themeforest.net/user/muffingroup#contact, and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Sending incorrect or incomplete data will result in a longer response time.

    Therefore, please ensure that the data you send are complete and correct.


  • Phil,

    I sent the logon details in the Themeforest/muffingroup contact box.


    1) I checked on our Stage environment and i was able to open our home page (https://staging2.englishcocker.org) but when i try to save it, it didn't let me, so i went into Wordfence and put the firewall into LEARNING MODE and refreshed the page and it saved OK.. i then went back to Wordfence and put the Firewall in protecting mode again.

    This is exactly what i was seeing in production last week, and like last week, after a couple of days with the home page working it opened completely stripped of all elements apart from the Slider at the top.

    2) All my pages seem to have changed their appearances, where a page which just had the elements on it, now have a second page title bar, with a second Home> About breed menu ( see https://englishcocker.org/about-breed/) (the additional page name and menu were never there before).

    Also, this page has lost all its elements like the home page.

    I can only get rid of the new/additional TITLE MENU by adding a SLIDER REVOLUTION at the top, which gets rid of that new PAGE NAME and MENU.

    3) I created a temporary HOME page (Home-2) and published it until i get this fixed, and the old HOME page is there for you to see (minus all the elements/data).

    4) I am in the process of completely creating a new HOME page that i will have to use as our missing HOME page as i do not want to go through the pain of restoring the site (unless i have no other option)... https://englishcocker.org/home-new/

    Lastly... i'm wondering if these issues are related to the firewall where putting it into learning mode seemed to fix the issue (temporally), and all the page elements/data being stripped out of the site.

    Your help will be GREATLY appreciated.


  • Just as an FYI... the new home page i set up that just had a maintenance notification on it, plus the home slider, is now acting like the old home page... nothing apart from the slider is showing again.

  • Ignore my previous statement... i closed my browsers and purged cache and the maintenance home page renders correctly.

  • Regarding #2 of the main issues, i just found the setting to disable the SUB HEADER on each page under PAGE SETTINGS. so that issue is also fixed.

    Still need to find out why my elements/data is missing on my home page.

  • Sorry, but the login credentials you have sent are not working for me.

    Are you sure that they are correct?

    Best regards

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    you may want to change when you get in.

  • Phil,

    I wanted to verify that the pwd was good and it told me the account was temporarily disabled... did you manage to get in?

    if not i'll re-set the pwd as more complicated and update this ticket

  • The access you sent through private message works.

    I have restored the home page and checked it, and everything seems to be correct there. Do you remember if you proceeded any extra steps when this happened?


  • I never did anything to the home page... its been the same for the last couple of years.

    I did change the Revolution Slider back in September to include a new slide, but thats all.

    Its very confusing.. Do you have any ideas as to why that happened?

    How did you restore the page elements/data, in case it happens again? (I'm going to clone the HOME page so i have a backup in case it happens again.)



  • I restored the home page with revisions.

    It is hard to predict what could cause it, especially if you did not perform any changes to your website in the meantime when it happened.

    Once, if I remember correctly, I encountered a website on which some data were removed if they were older ones. You can contact your server administrator and ask if your server does not have any mechanism that could do that.

    Please pay attention to your website, and if this happens again, try to memorize the actions you performed and let us know as soon as possible.

    Best regards

  • Phil,

    it appears that everything has settled down again, so i cloned the old Home page as the new homepage in case Wordfence doesn’t like something in the old page code.

    meanwhile, i remember i did do something in the old home page before it started getting cleaned out.

    i moved all our Media files from the local Media server location to Amazon S 3 to free up local storage.

    The plugin automatically moves all the files to S3 and deletes the local files, replacing the path from the local Media folder to the S3 path, but, some images didn’t have their paths changed, and i have had to update the paths when i find a missing image.

    One of the images on the home page stopped showing so i updated the path of that image… that’s all.

    Hopefully this information helps.


  • Updating the image should not cause that. It is more likely if you put some HTML code with errors or some JS, but media replacement is a rather simple and safe action.

    Anyway, if this will happen again, please let me know.

    Best regards

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