language swithvcher


I want to make 2 language sites and I want to clone the site in a subfolder (I do not want to use language plugins )

1- Be theme does not have a language switcher to use in the header. how can I have a switcher?

2- The header is unique and is the same on all pages, because of this I can not make the text link for each page to address each page to the same page in another language.


  • Hi,

    1) You can create a custom menu as your language switcher.

    2) Sorry, but I quite do not understand. Can you explain that in more detail, please?


  • Hi

    if I make the menu as switcher, I have to link each item to a page. For example, if I have English and Arabic language I have to make a menu with two items EN and AR. I have to link AR to only one page( in the Arabic site version) and EN to only one page( in the English version),

    for instance, I link AR to the Arabic Home page and EN to the English Home page!

    my concern is if visitors are on the About Us page( in English version )and click AR in the switcher they are redirected to the home page (Arabic version ), not to the About Us (Arabic version ), and vice versa.

    I do not know if you get my point


  • Alright, now I get your point.

    Unfortunately, I do not know any way to achieve this without plugin. I can only suggest to check some tutorials explaining how to achieve that in WP without need of using a plugin.

    Best regards

  • yes its poaaible as you mention but if the header is not same in all pages .

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