About elementor and bebuilder

Doesn't the betheme theme template advertise that it can be elementor and BeBuilder compatible to use? So I used elementor to create the page and have wpforms form content on the page.

The page looks fine, but when I open the page with BeBuilder, I find that the formatting of the page has completely changed, and it becomes uneditable, even the created form has disappeared.

What is the situation and is there any way to fix it? Because I need to use elementor to edit the formatting of the wpforms form on the page, so this has been a conflict? It's very annoying.

Below I will demonstrate the normal page created using elementor, and also show the error effect that occurs when the page is opened using bebuilder.

The following screenshot is the page after using bebuilder to open, you can see that the content format has been different, and the table is missing .....

I'd appreciate it if you'd be so kind as to answer my questions in detail.


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