Muffin Builder issue (empty content!)


1. Feature Request

First off, let me scream out loud that I love the theme (I really do)


I also worked with other themes and I honestly think that Visual Composer is way better than Muffin Builder.

I think you will boost the appeal of the Be theme by integrating Visual Composer, at least this is how I see anyway (again, I say this while having huge respect for your work on the Muffin Builder, as it allowed me to familiarize myself with the visual composition concept)

2. Bug report(?)

I'm working on localhost, and today some of my pages became "empty" (UI, header and footer is there, but no content at all). I did some investigation and I found that if I had "mixed" content (ie. content from both Muffin Builder & WordPress editor), the Wordpress Editor's content was completely ignored, even though I had the "Hide Content" option set to OFF


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