General complexity of simple content editing

Hi Guys

I just bought the theme and its great. Really enjoying using it.

However I seem to be struggling more with this one, then with other themes, particularly with basic content editing.

The first problem was I was using the "column" shortcode to be where i would put the majority of my content. I was struggling because I had to code all HTML in there.. simple things like <p> and <b> which was a real nuisance since I am used to wordpress's visual editor doing it automatically .... I then found the shortcode "visual editor" which sorted out that problem. I guess this is the recommended shortcode to add written content?

Aside from this, adding basic things like buttons doesnt seem as straight forward as with other themes, so I am not sure if I am going about it wrong. But I basically add a visual editor... then within there I click on the shortcode dropdown and select button... this gives me the shortcode: [button title="" icon="" icon_position="" link="" target="_blank" color="" font_color="" large="0" class="" download=""]

Is it then down to me to figure out what to put in all the blank spots? Im sure I can figure it out, but the point is it isn't very intuitive and I am sure I will be hit with this problem everytime I try to add a basic bit of content so thought Id check sooner rather than later to see I am doing things right.

So am I going about it correctly or am I doing it wrong?



  • Hi,

    if you want to know what values should be setup for different shortcodes, you must have a look into documentation (the same one has been added into theme package so you can use it when offline).
  • Thanks, this will help in the meantime... but still, it isn't as flowing as some other themes and would be interested to know if you plan on streamlining your builder?

    For example, in the past on other themes, in the visual editor i would click "shortcode" then select for example "Button" and then it would give me further options like the size, color, link ect ect which I can select from multiple choice.

    On yours i would have to go to the documentation every time to see what i can enter. Or over to the typography page to study the code to duplicate to my own.

    Wouldn't some dropdown options be a better choice in the future, to keep it simple and streamlined?

    Thanks for the reply and the great theme by the way :-)
  • And just to add to this, as expected, I would keep coming across these issues with simple content editing. I am now trying to add opening hours

    You had shortcode for this, which I thought was cool. But it's not really anything but an HTML box that I have to code myself with list and span tags? Even the title i need to wrap in center tags because its the one area of the "opening hours" shortcode that is left aligned. Could I not just use "column" instead of opening hours and get the exact same results?

    It just feels a bit unpolished - I am not complaining because overall it is a wicked theme with an obvious amount of hard work put into it... but would very much like to know if these are issues that you acknowledge and are currently building and improving on?

  • At this moment we work on compatibility with Visual Composer plugin. This plugin will be added to theme soon and if you don`t like our Muffin Builder, then you will be able to use the most popular Page Builder on marketplace. Hope this is a good information for you :)
  • Very good info! I can't wait for that update to come!

    I'm obviously going to ask this..... but any ROUGH expectancy on this? Are we talking a few weeks or a few months...? 
  • We are working on it since about 2 weeks so since now we talk about 1 or 2 weeks at least :) The only problem we currently have is time because as you noticed, Be got lot`s of shortcodes/items and all of them must be moved and coded especially for Visual Composer what takes a lot of time. So probably we`ll provide 1st version in about week but not with all items and each week we`ll be adding more and more items. Hope it sounds good :)
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