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Hi Guy's,

I had a build a wordpress website with betheme on  I used export option in betheme to save my configuration of betheme. Now i have installed wordpress/betheme on my another website and want to use the export file of my first website. But if i import the export file in betheme..nothing happends.... Can anybody help me how to import my export file of my old website in to the new one.


  • Hi,

    import/export which is under Theme options export only panel settings. It does not export any images, content, etc. It's just file with settings like fonts, colors, etc.
  • Yes i know. and all i want is to import the theme options. The problem only that it does not import my old Theme options.  

  • Ok. So how you exported them exactly and how you want to import them? Maybe file is incomplete? Please show us how are you trying to do it and we'll see if you are doing it right.
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    Before i try to explain how i exported theme options. You should know that i dont have access to my old website. But i saved the betheme export file. 

    What i did on my old website:
    1 - Clicked on Betheme Options
    2 - Clicked on Import & Export
    3 - Then in Export Options section i downloaded the theme option file.

    What i try to do on my new website (different domain)
    1 - Clicked on Betheme Options
    2 - Clicked on Import & Export
    3 - Then Import from file
    4 - After i paste the configuration nothing happens.

  • Looks like you do it right so the file must be broken. If you will send us private message with access to your dashboard and exported file, we can check if file is broken.
  • Hi - I have exactly the same problem.

    I followed the exact same steps as @idee - and nothing is happening for me either.

    To be clear - when importing - I should be copying and pasting from the betheme_options txt file that was created when I exported from my old site - is that correct?

    I will also send a private message w my details,

    thanks, Michelle

  • @michelleplayoust It's much better to use COPY button. When you click on this button, text will appear and all you need to do is copy this text and paste into text file somewhere to keep it safe.
  • Also - I am now manually updating some options - to improve the appearance of my site in the short term. 

    I am copying and pasting from the exported text file - so there will be no issue w txt file overriding options.

    thanks, Michelle
  • OK - I have now updated everything manually - however please do let me know for future reference.

  • Sorry - just saw your previous comment re COPY button.  What is the EXPORT button used for then?

  • Export is to export settings into file. But we prefer to copy directly and that's why we use COPY button only.
  • Export -> Import is not working well.
    I just changed the domain of the site, and can't reimport the data.
  • @by-agentur-de What exactly does not work well? Where the problem is? Please tell us more details about your problem.
  • I have the same problem as idee:

    1. All my theme configurations were reset to default.
    2. I have a backup .txt
    3. I imported it but nothing happens, stays as default.

    Can you point me to any other discussion when this has been solved?

    I'll also send you a private message with access and the .txt file.

  • @Meztli No, you do not have an original file because we did checked your private message and we sent you more details with explanation. The reason why you can not import file on new installation is that you did changes in this file what is not allowed.
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    I'm having the same issue with my theme. A developer exported it to theme_options.txt (Copy/Paste I assume) and when I paste into the import file field it makes no changes. 

    File starts/ends like this: 

    Please help!

    Theme Version 16.0.1
  • @Bolder_Industries Did the file was exported using the same theme version as the one where you do the import? If not, please update existing theme to latest version before the export.
  • Ok will do. Thanks.

    I'm unsure the version differences between the themes as it was from another developer and we are trying to get it across the line. But he popped in and figured it out somehow, so its ok now.

    I find the lack of error messages that it didn't save / update properly frustrating.

    Thanks for your response!

  • The error comes when we make ANY change in the text we copy from the export option.
    My advice is to copy and paste the same text, then hit IMPORT, then hit SAVE CHANGES, then make changes manually, for example: on logos url
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